Amritsar Tour Packages

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Amritsar Tour Package AMRITSAR: The home of the famous Golden Temple, 450 years old city of Amritsar, the seat of Sikh history and culture, situated on north western borders of the country.

Amritsar is the Gateway of India for travellers coming the overland route through Pakistan. It’s founded in 1579 by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikh faith. He constructed a pool on a land gifted by Mughal Emperor Akbar and called it Amritsar, the Pool of Nectar. After lunch, we visit Wagah Border to witness the closing ceremony between both countries i.e. India and Pakistan.

After dinner at hotel, we visit Golden Temple to witness closing ceremony of Granth Sahib,(Sikh holy book). Overnight stay in hotel. After breakfast, Sightseeing of Amritsar: THE GOLDEN TEMPLE: A gold and marble temple, is one of the holiest Sikh shrines. During Maharaja Ranjit Singh reign the lower half of the temple was decorated with marble while the entire upper half was inlaid with copper covered over by gold plate. So its new name is Golden Temple.

AKAL TAKHAT: Guru Sri Har Gobind had got it constructed a a seat of temperal authority symbolising the unity of spritual and temporal life in 1609. JALIANWALA BAGH AND DURGIANA TEMPLE: Return to hotel. After lunch, we visit Local Market. Overnight stay at hotel. Early morning, move to Railway Station.
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